• Robotic Applications.
    Robotic Applications.

    Modern manufacturing needs demand high-tech solutions.

    Antbοts are our advanced and flexible solution in various automation needs.


  • Production Machinery
    Production Machinery

    Our high speed and high productivity machines

    increase your competitive advantages.


  • Customized solutions
    Customized solutions

    Special purpose machines engineered

    and manufactured for specific needs.

  • Quality

    We use high quality materials

    while every project is designed to the last detail. 

  • Laboratory equipment
    Laboratory equipment

    We can help in designing and building solutions for scientific needs,

    laboratory equipment, measuring and testing machines.

  • Custom CNC machines
    Custom CNC machines

    We have great experience in designing custom CNC machines,

    for material processing or dispensing applications.

  •  Industrial automation
    Industrial automation

    We deliver complete solutions including automation,

    electrical boards, electronics and safety systems.

  •  Food and Pharmaceutical
    Food and Pharmaceutical

    Our range of solutions include quality control, inspection and sorting applications

    with or without the use of machine vision.



industrial automation


industrial software

machine vision

3D design

rapid prototyping

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