A twin head strip decoiler

Type: Aluminium strip decoiler for press feeding

Customer: ALUMAN S.A.

Application: Press feeding decoiler



A twin rotary head decoiler for aluminium strip used to feed a cutting press.

The machine can manipulate large size coils with an external diameter of 1600mm and 1200kgr weight. 

The presence of two heads reduces idle times between loading.

Coil clamping is hydraulic while there are motorized brackets for initial infeed of the material.












A twin head strip decoiler


Type: 3-4 axis Delta robot 

Applications: Packaging, Pick & place, Customized operations



Our "antbots" series of robots can serve as a clever, flexible and economic solution for low to middle range industrial automation needs. 


The machine includes a laser crosshair to indicate correct silicone placement.

Motion controller, and custom CAD - CAM software was made by steeldot engineers.