STEELDOT is a high tech mechatronics engineering company.

    It was established in 2011 by Konstantinos Kampouris NTUA Mechanical Engineer  accompanied by a team of experienced engineers with substantial industrial experience in designing and manufacturing electromechanical systems, industrial machines and production lines. 

    Our vision is to utilize our know-how in order to provide reliable industrial automation solutions.

    We identify ourselves as an external partner rather than as a systems provider. For us, every application is unique with specific needs which we study in order to propose the best solution possible for the available budget.
Our main fields of applications are:

  • Engineering and design for customers who want to build, extend or improve their products. In that case we act as an external R&D department providing detailed drawings, documentation, rapid prototyping as well as supervision and technical advice for the final production issues.
  • Provide complete turn key systems for customers who want to implement advanced technological solutions to their existing production line.
  • Retrofitting of existing machines and production lines by replacing old technology, notors, PLCs, electrical boards etc, with new modern solutions including mechanical conversion, electrical rewiring or industrial software renewal.

They trusted us: