antbot A4R: Our scara robot for pick and place applications

Type: 3-Axis Scara Robot with a 1m radius reach

Initial presentation: SYSKEVASIA 2014 EXPO

Applications: Pick & place, Sorting, Packaging, Low to mid-range automation


Our "antbots" series of robots can serve as a flexible and easy to use alternative solution to a wide range of automation needs.

Instead of using custom electro-pneumatic automation systems tailor made for the specific application, antbots can be utilized since they are compact, very easily transferred, repositioned and programmed without the need of any special knowledge of programming, robotic languages etc. Even a low-range industrial electrician can set up an antbot application within minutes.

Antbots can accept a big number of grippers, suction cups or flexible grippers in order to accomplish various tasks.

antbot A4R is a three motorized and one pneumatic axis antbot with a rotating head, capable of various pick and place applications, part sorting, packaging and boxing, especially if they are combined with a machine vision system.

antbots are designed and engineered by steeldot engineers and manufactured in Greece by Lasertech S.A.